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No one wants their hair color to look brassy. The general rule of thumb is the lighter you make your hair, the more likely it is to turn brassy  or gold, since the process used to lighten hair opens the cuticle, allowing it to be more susceptible to damaging factors that can alter the color. While brassiness is hard to avoid, it isn’t impossible to avert. Brassy color can arise from a variety of causes:brassy

The Sun
The sun is the number-one offender for brassy color, as it causes color to fade. That is why you should always keep color-treated locks protected from the sun. A scarf or wide-brimmed hat is an easy, chic way to preserve your color.

No matter how diligent you are in caring for your color there’s one element that can’t be controlled: oxidation. “Hair oxidizes because of oxygen in the air, coupled with products (as well as the sun, oxygen, minerals and water).  “When the two fuse together the color fades. Think of how metal rusts when it is exposed to outside environmental factors for a prolonged period of time.”

If your water is hard and laden with heavy metals and minerals it can alter your color due to chemical reactions between the color molecules and the chemicals in the water. At home water softeners and filtration systems can help, minimize the number of times you are washing your hair, or you can make this the perfect reason to get up and go the gym in the morning and use there showers instead.

Salt, Heat and Sweat
Salt, heat and sweat dry out hair and roughen the cuticle, giving color molecules an easy way to escape from the hair shaft.  Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and these are designed to protect the color molecule and close the cuticle.

Using The Wrong Products
 Using the wrong products—like clarifying shampoos and those with sulfates and alcohol—can lead to brassy strands since they strip away the color, effectively you are washing your beautiful color down the plug hole.

Chlorine can be to blame for brassy hair. “It causes a chemical reaction that counteracts with the actual tone of the color. Most of the time, it leads the hair to appear dull and dry looking,” or on you beautiful blondes we get that beautiful shade of green.

At Oxford Street Hair we will teach you how to look after your lovely locks to get the most out of your beautiful hair colour.