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Our Team

Rae Murray

A Senior stylist, Business Owner, Makeup Artist and Extensionist with over 18 years industry experience. Throughout the years since becoming a hairdresser Rae has explored many different avenues and variations of colouring and cutting, and has developed her breathtaking skills and talent on not only all levels of hair design but also in beauty and cosmetics.

Rae has so much knowledge and background experience in a variation of many different hair and beauty events. Some of the many include, weddings, formals, magazine spreads and covers, fashion parades and beauty pageants (Ms Universe in particular). Rae endlessly goes above and beyond to not only achieve what her clients desire, but to make every single client feel unique, loved, and appreciated. She also really appreciates and adores in return the support, loyalty and kindness from all her beautiful clients.


Aoife Luna13497772_1902273803332765_3902392743105301921_o

An apprentice, with the soul of a true artist, Aoife gains much enjoyment working as a hairdresser, one of many enjoyments in particular being that it allows her creative artistic mind to soar and be limitless.

Specialising in colour, AND in all areas, natural and fashion colours comes naturally to Aoife. Who familiarises herself with her clients personalities and appearance to ensure a perfect colour match. Aoife has been experimenting and colouring hair since she was 14. Her meticulous nature brings perfection to any hair related service she undertakes.

Amber Mazoletti

Our newest apprentice with an extreme passion for fashion in all areas, hair, beauty and clothing! Our social butterfly, who without a doubt will make your experience at our salon delightful and you will be wanting to come back for more. Amber is an exceptionally quick learner who just loves life and everything and anything to do with the hair, beauty and fashion industry.

Thriving on making people happy and constantly feeling good about themselves and by doing this through what Amber is passionate about, she knew from being a teenager this is the career and industry she belonged in, and definitely fitted in as well given her appearance and personality.