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How much time do you have?

What if I tell you that you could be saving a lot of time? At Oxford st hair we have a couple of services we offer to save the busy professional woman loads of time each week, and you will always look AMAZING!

First up you need to decide if you are a ‘do it yourself’ Lady or a ‘Have it done for me’ Lady.

For the DIY’er we have the Keratin smoothing treatment. I’m not kidding when I say this will save you time, it will take your 1hour hair styling sesh to a 15 minute one. This incredible treatment smooths down all the frizz, and leaves your hair feeling amazing. Most customers find they can blast their hair dry with a dryer and their hair is either already straight or pretty close to it. And then the straightener for about 5 mins after is about all they need to have perfectly ‘done’ hair. This treatment will last 3 plus months with the proper shampoo and conditioner, some people don’t even notice they need a new treatment for over 6 months!

If you are a ‘have it done for me’ kinda gal, we have the blow dry club. Imagine coming in to the salon when ever you like and having your hair blow dried to perfection! You never need to buy shampoo or conditioner, even styling products of every type will be there for you without having to purchase a thing. The Blow Dry Club is UNLIMITED blow drys for 3 months. Most ladies will come in 1-2 times a week, it takes about 30mins and they get to walk around looking perfect everyday.

Cost comparison

Both offer 3 months of bliss

Blow dry club is $300 for 3 months, this works out as $25 a week, so if you are having 2 blow drys a week they are only $12.50 a blow dry! I challenge you to find a better deal.

Keratin smoothing treatment. If you find it hard to get into the salon or think its too much of a hassle and want to be able to do it your self this treatment is between $300-$450 and takes a couple of hours to do in the first place but is a massive time saver. Also can last much longer than 3 months if cared for properly.

You wouldn’t have both of these done ,but for the busy woman, it is definitely worth while getting at least one. Imagine looking like a celebrity for $25 a week!

Rae x