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Okay! Coming from my experience being a hairdresser in Brisbane and of course had my hair done in other salons, you’ve probably been told over and over by your hairdresser that you need to keep on top of home hair care, right? Well they’re probably right, yes some hairdressers just try to sell, sell, sell but most of us actually care about the integrity of your hair, it makes your next visits easier on you and your hair, including your wallet plus it does wonders for your confidence.


Well first thing’s first, do you straighten, or curl your hair? Most people will answer yes but when I ask my clients if they use a heat protector the answer is usually no. Heat is the worst thing for your hair, something as simple as a heat protector would make a huge difference in those crispy ends of yours (but seriously, get a trim). Example, the Urban Tribe ‘Iron Shield’ is incredible, I always have to re-straighten the ends of my hair, give them a little ‘curve-under’ so they’re not so dead straight and stiff, so making sure you use a protector even if you’re touching up your straightened or curled hair is SO important.

Urban Tribe Iron Shield

Alright, now what about your hair in general? Most people I know like to look after their skin, it gets damaged from the sun, it goes a bit yuck when they change their diet or medication. They only like use good quality products on it, like body wash or makeup, I’ve personally asked people about this but my question is, what about your hair? Everything I just mentioned about your skin goes the same for your hair, it’s a part of you. You’d moisturise your skin before applying makeup right? It should be the same story for that beautiful hair of yours. At our salon in Bulimba we have the exact products you would need. I don’t want to overwhelm you so I’ll just show you two of my favourites, the Urban Tribe Hydrate leave-in foam and the Urban Tribe Hydrate Infinity leave-in mask. Both are great for giving back that moisture that the sun and styling tools take out.

Like I said before I don’t want to overwhelm you with my hair wisdom but I’ll definitely post more blogs about or products or tips, I really hope I was some help and I’d also love to note our Urban Tribe products are salon exclusive and totally VEGAN!