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A question we hear in the salon quite a bit is ‘How long should I leave it before I come in again?’

This is an easy question to answer for the person in front of you but as a whole it’s a little bit different. It will depend on a few things as to when you should pop in again to the salon.

First, Do you want to grow your hair?
Most people have at least one time in their life where they want to grow their hair. In this case it’s a good idea to leave it about 6-8 weeks between haircuts. Your hair grows approximately a centimetre a month so if you leave it 1.5-2 months to come back in you should be able to get 1cm taken off to keep those ends healthy and still have growth from the previous haircut. In a lot of cases your hair may not grow this fast due to the season or to the stage of your hairs growth cycle… In this case leave it more so the 8 weeks time slot. You may also be a lucky person and your hair may grow very fast- in this case it’s completely up to you and the health of your hair as to whether you leave it the 6 or 8 weeks.

Next, Do you like the current style and want to keep it for a while?
this is a pretty easy one… On your side! Generally 4-6 weeks is ample. But if your budget doesn’t quite fit that time frame leave it for as long as possible before it becomes impossible to maintain yourself at home. Some people can last a bit longer then the 6 weeks still but especially for shorter styles- you’ll feel a bit over it generally by the 6 week mark. Keep in mind though if you do leave it a bit longer and it becomes completely out of shape- you may be charged a bit more for a style cut rather then just for a trim.

Now, Is your hair damaged?
This one is most difficult to answer but I hope this helps a bit. You will need to go into your hairdressing salon and speak to your (hairdresser) hair doctor. They could give you something to help build the protein if it has been lightened quite a bit- maybe something for moisture as well. It will depend on your hair though and the health from inside of the hair is just as important as getting those split ends taken off. You may be advised (it is your decision in the end though) to take a little bit of the length off just to get a bit closer to the more healthy part and in turn make it a bit easier to grow out healthier, happier hair.
Otherwise it may just be as simple as coming in a little bit more frequently to visit for a treatment and then every second visit take the normal amount (1-1.5cm) for a trim off.

The best option is to talk to your stylist but if you travel a lot, don’t have a regular hair stylist, have tight budget or just forget when you do go in to ask about how long you should wait between visits then I hope this helps and gives you a basic guide to follow. You Wear your hair and at the end of the day you need to be happy with what is happening up there on your head:)

Have a great Day