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Do you change your look constantly, switching from brunette to blonde and everything in between?  Does your hair appear dull and straw-like with feathered split ends?

Here’s a simple test I want you to do when you get out of the shower.  Pluck out a strand of hair and give it a gentle tug.  What happens?  Does it break immediately. Rake your hands through your hair, what happens?  Do your fingers get caught in the middle, is it a struggle to get them out and hair breaks when I pull.

Can I suggest the new Matrix repairinside…….up to 75% reconstructed hair strength after the first application.  So a trim off the ends is now not the only solution to healthier hair.  Biolage Advanced Repairinside is a complete hair care range designed to repair severely damaged hair so you can keep hair’s luscious length.

I can tell you I have used this today and the results were stunning, I totally recommend this range to anyone who is concerned with hair breakage and condition.