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So today the ladies of Oxford Street hair had the pleasure of giving a beautiful first time client something that they had been wishing to have for a while. We had a nearly blank canvas to start with- truth be told the part that was already lightened for us we didn’t even need to touch until our final process.

She had started with almost completely natural hair and wanted a beautiful lavender colour as the end result- her dream shade.

This beautiful lady is a perfect example that you can wear something a bit different to what others have and still look incredible. So when you have an idea of a colour or a cut/ style that you are loving and are wanting to try, make sure you talk to your stylist about it- there is a chance it will suit you and if you have a great stylist, then they will most likely tell you their honest opinion, of whether or not what you are thinking WILL suit you or if there is something similar you can achieve that would look better!

Don’t be afraid to be unique and different. BE unique- Be yourself and flaunt all you have:)Lavender Hair colour