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Good morning!

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend ahead of them! I know we do here in the salon.

Today i want to tell you a little about some fantastic products that our salon have in stock. They come from a  range that isn’t well known but it’s a range that once you become familiar with it, you won’t want anything else. ITs called URBAN TRIBE!

We have this beautiful range purely because of its versatility of use between different hair types and I must say, it’s so easy to use just in gerenal. It has a beautiful scent and none of the products are tacky at all!

Today i’ll let you know a little about my 3 favourites in his range. I would recommend these products for almost everyone. The first product is a leave in for dry hair, also great for coloured and damaged hair too. The second a product to style with and finally a product to finish off the style and allow it to hold for longer.

So… Urban Tribe hydrate leave in foam- Its so easy to apply, you shake the can, pump a golf ball size amount of product into your hand and put in through your hair! This product is specifically meant for dry hair but its also a beautiful way to leave any hair type feeling fresh and hydrated all day long. You don’t need to rinse this one obviously which makes it a 30second job of a morning. I love it and for anybody with coloured, dry, damaged, curly hair i really do think it is a ‘Can’t live without’ product for healthy and happy hair

Next, Xpander Strong- This is a styling product meant for putting in wet hair and then blowdrying after. It has a strong hold as well as a heat protectant in it. I would liken the ability of it to a medium hold hairspray that you would put on after you blow-dry. This product also has volumizing and texturising qualities meaning that the style will have greater hold, texture AND volume and last for longer. I have to admit, this is without doubt my favourite product but if you don’t blow-dry your hair then it’s probably not a necessary additive to your hair styling routine at home.

Last but not least, No Gravity medium hold volumizing hairspray. instead of an aerosol can, this spray actually comes in a spritz style can. Its the perfect finish to ANY style you have whether its to hold down the frizzes, keep a style in shape or just make the hair a little less soft (like it can be after a fresh hair wash).

Now i must add on to all of this Urban tribe products are made with organic elements and are completely vegan. They all have a pleasant scent and aren’t ike the usual chemical smelling products.

If you want to know about something specifically for you hair please don’t hesitate to call the salon on 3899 2770 or pop in and see the girls at 204 Oxford Street! we are located up the stairway next to the sushi shop!

Have a great day!!!