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Hi there everybody!

It’s been busy the last few weeks with weddings, events and of course in the salon as well. It;s got me thinking… we have had a few new clients recently, clients who are unhappy with their hair, clients who have had the same thing for so long they aren’t sure if they are happy or just content with the style they have.

I want to put it out to everyone today that as you body changes as you get older, so does your hair and same with your face. You will very very rarely see a person with hair the same from when they are 10 years old through to when they’re in their 50s on wards. Very, very unlikely for this to happen isn’t it?!

Ask yourself. How has your hair changed over the past few years. Just the last 3 or 4 years….

Now has your face changed in shape at all? Possibly it has- and you;ve kept the same style.

A lot of people keep a hairdresser for as long as they keep a specific look. It;s true that all hairdressers have something that they love doing or are especially good at but as a hairdresser, i can tell you that there is nothing more exciting then a client coming up to me and saying, ‘Alright, what can i do, i need a bit of a change, HELP!’

BUT! what suits you. Sometimes if you look on google or instagram you will find several imaged of beautiful models with meticulous hair! Hair that would’ve been done by their stylist for the photo.  That fringe could look fantastic on that girl with the beautiful long face but you may have more of a round face. ITs difficult to know what will look fabulous on you isn;t it?

I like how they’ve created those apps where you insert you image and pick a hairstyle. I think these sort of things are quite helpful but its not your hair type. Its an image of a style that could be done on super thick hair whereas you have fine thin hair!

I won;t go heaps into depth but ill give you the general idea of what us hairdressers are taught and what i’ve come across over my 6 years of hairdressing.

First of all:

Heart shape face- Basically you’ve got a beautiful face shape for a long swept fringe, a short pixie style, any form of bob that sits under the chin, but above the shoulders in length…. Soft, Wispy, Shapely. As long as you have shaping around the face, you’re pretty much on the right track!     Reese Witherspoon is a good example here.

Oval face- OK! you’re very lucky not his count… Pick a style and go for it. Talk to your stylist first about what they think but you should be good to go! This is why Beyonce always looks so beautiful no matter her hair styling!

Square shaped face- a bit of length is always flattering here. Try to avoid anything with harsh lines and angles. They won’t’ compliment your shaping as nicely as soft shaping around the face and a long layers look would for example. Demi moore always wears a subtle wave with soft shaping which adds to her beauty as well.

Round face- choppy layers, side swept bangs, shoulder length hair, and even though its not a haircut but waves always look beautiful on people with round faces. Draw a circle on a piece of paper… trace around it with another bit bigger circle. This is the kind of look you’d want to avoid. Now draw another circle, trace around it with a square or a rectangle, it takes away from the roundness, making the overall shape appear more fluent. A lot of times, people with round faces say to me that they feel like they have a chubby face… most of the time with a beautiful chopping haircut with a bit of length with change their views on it… like the circle in a rectangle. Kelly Clarkson!

and last but not least;

the long face; With a long face, you really want body throughout he sides. you don’t want to much height or length… these things with emphasise the length of your face and can sometimes appear a little drab and flat. Te best thing to do with a long face is to bring the length up to a bob, add lots of layers and work that like the beautiful goddess that you are! If however you are quite attached to your length and don’t feel comfortable with layers then add in some bangs and work the style that way. Sarah Jessica Parker is in this category and a lot of time she rocks the length but with choppy layers and body, which suits her beautifully.

Have a good night Beautiful Ladies!