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So after a nice busy start to this year we have come to the conclusion that there is a few styles that seem really in this summer- possibly through Autumn as well.

First one which I find to be super popular at the moment is the beautiful silver balayage. This colour can be a difficult one to achieve and for some unfortunately it will take a few goes at getting it that light. It is a colour where to get it perfect silver- you need to get rid of all colour in the hair… Turn it white! The silver through the bottom with the beautiful ashy Browns through the top is a beautiful style that I think personally will carry on more strongly then ever this year.

Next- the colours! Blue! Green! Red! Pink! People are getting a lot more adventurous in the colour department and good on them. If you can pull of the bright blue ends or the all over purple and pink combination then why not! ITs hot! And so much more acceptable these days.

The other big one is the ‘Ronze’; this is nearly as popular as the silver at the moment. And if you can pull of the auburn or red shades this is definitely one for the to do list. Ronze is a mix of auburn, red and bronze brown. If you aren’t able to pull of the fashion colours but like something a little bit brighter then a chocolate brown or beautiful golden blonde this is the place to visit.

And finally if you have naturally darker hair or if you put the chocolate or natural Browns through your hair and want something a little bit different for the new year- why not try a few foils underneath and scattered through that are a bit vibrant. Maybe some fine blonde foils or maybe something a bit more adventurous like a red or a purple. Even with the older clientele we have had in, this seems to be the way to go this year.

So I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration if you’re thinking of making a change. But remember if you are unsure make sure you talk with your stylist! That’s what we are here for and love doing. HAve a great day!!