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blow dry

  1. You don’t have to wash your own hair. (Come on ladies this is something we all dread doing and have zero time for especially if you have a little one).
  2. Not only do you not have to wash your own hair, but you can get a relaxing head massage in the process. Your visit will see your stress levels plummet.
  3. If you come to Oxford Street Hair you can have a glass of wine while you’re getting your hair done. Bonus!.
  4. Stress relief. I have nearly fallen asleep while having my hair blow dried. It’s seriously relaxing.
  5. You can try a style that you wish you could master yourself. If you have never been able to create curl in your strands using a round brush alone, let us do it for you.
  6. Unlike when you get a cut and/or colour, you’re not nearly as nervous that your hair won’t come out the way you hoped. It’s just a blow dry, so even if you’re not thrilled with it, it’s so not permanent. That fact definitely takes a load off.
  7. It’s an hour of “me” time. If you have an infant at home a job that keeps you on your toes, or both, finding an hour for yourself is a constant challenge. Being able to sneak away for an hour and come back looking fabulous is priceless. How about a pre work appointment, these are available from 6.30 am by appointment, come in straight out of shower with wet hair and save even more time. (Perfect after a morning workout)
  8. It eliminates that” I can’t be bother going out”. You know the feeling you’ve been working all day and the last thing you feel like doing is your hair to go out. Let us take care of that for you, and you can have a glass of bubbles to help get you in the mood. Excellent!
  9. You end up with a gorgeous-looking style. Duh. Even if you’re sick of your hair or don’t love your layers, a quality blow-dry can make you feel better about your strands.
  10. The great hair high. Seriously, if your hair looks great, you feel like you can conquer the world. Or at the very least, you’ll have an extra spring in your step.

Now tell me, have you ever splurged on a blow-dry?